Happy birthday video

Birthdays are considered with age all the more sad. Therefore, it is so nice to raise memories of previous anniversaries and dates from the “mould of time”. It is great to remember that we had in childhood a tasty cake with candles as gift, how we were glad to get presents and to have unusual celebrations invented for us by parents. In addition, an invariable attribute of each celebration has always been a photo, allowing us not just remember pleasant moments of celebrations, but also to see our image in the past.

Birthday photos

In the past, in some countries, such as the USSR, it was good, if just one photo, when a birthday person blows out candles, remained after each birthday. Often someone blinked on a photo (often, the hero of the occasion himself), and people used to say, that he or she “fell asleep”.

It was perfect, if people collected after each birthday one, even not the best photo. Some people count the number of the past years, using such photos. Someone understands better, how he or she grew up, and the way his or her life changes looking at these photos.

Happy birthday movie

Moreover, if a happy birthday movie remained it was a smartness. You could hear yourself, see in motion, and there were no more “dormant” shots, though, there were confused faces in shot. Therefore, the fun became even brighter amid general celebration.

Invariably, photos and videos store our memories, bright ones and not particularly, which definitely will invite to come back in the future. There is hardly a person, who does not like to look through a home photo archive.

Now, it is common practice to deliver a video as a birthday gift. It can be an amateur movie of your own production. And you can order a professional video in a special studio. That is the case, when a celebrant person`s enthusiasm will have no limits.

Just imagine: a professional camera, a professional processing without “amateurish” paging through of shots, special effects. There is a perfectly chosen music, improved sound, thus, the gift will cause incredible delight, not only of a birthday person, but of everybody, that you can even give up everything and sit down and view the resulting video, see a new look at the hero of the festivities.

Trend of self-made videos

Technology stepped forward in unison of time.

Now videos and photos from a birthday are no longer a sign of chic. It is “a raw material” for a slideshow, a presentation or a clip. With the advent of social networks, it became normal to compete with each other in interestingness of a plot, selected music and recording quality. People create vlogs, write scripts, plots and their own stories, they are involved in processing and themselves create whole movies, turning this passion not just in a constant hobby, but also in their profession. It became possible even online on special sites. There are even free ways to create your own videos, movies, clips and slideshows. And there are mixed solutions, where the main function (for example, slideshow making) is free, but additional ones (HD quality) should be paid.

Birthday music

Do you know that every person has his\her own music? Yes, each human being can be described as a particular song. It will be unique, incomparable melody that can tell about a person all-and even words are not required. Moreover, if you add to it a music and text, then it turns into an epic poem, a sample of those legends, which were created about great heroes of the past.

Music, as well as video became a trend, and not just its selection, but also mixing, and even complete copywriting of songs. Imagine that in your video, which will be represented to a birthday person, an author’s song will present. Not just any track coming from an existing one.

Such a gift can be done for your beloved child, and it is better to give it to an adult. If you enjoy music professionals, they can select the style and words that best reflect the identity of the person, his\her life, character, and most of all enjoy the birthday person.

Video and music on your birthday to order

If you want to make an unusual and beautiful gift for your beloved person, give him\her a professional happy birthday movie. Alternatively, you can invite a video operator so that he could film a celebration. You can further use it to create a movie about it. Professionals will select a design, a matching music; create a beautiful and most pleasant emotional video. And this movie will be watched and rewatched by the entire family and all friends, and even without cause. Just because it is going to look beautiful and will again revive all those wonderful moments captured in the movie.

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