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Technology development and information technologies impact all spheres of human life. Thanks to modern computers and special software, everyone can create videos and movies with just a little effort. Video editors offered as paid ones and free of charge are good helpers here.

3 high quality free editors for Windows, Linux and iOS


It is perhaps one of the most successful solutions available without (even a symbolic one) payment for its use. The video editor Kdenlive developed based on the MTL platform. The source code for this software is open, that helps developers worldwide to improve the program allowing it to meet the needs of active users on a professional level. With its help, it is possible to make high quality videos in all modern video formats, including slideshow. A great advantage is the support in many languages.

The functionality is very rich and varied:

  • cutting;
  • transitions;
  • video effects;
  • rendering of video can be suspended and can also operate in mode of editing of several tracks;
  • copying;
  • inserting, etc.

Supported platforms:

  • Linux;
  • Mac OS 10 versions;
  • FreeBSD.


Universal Lightworks

This video editor runs under operating systems:

  • Windows;
  • iOS;
  • Linux.

This software was long enough involved in the sphere of American cinema making. Among the rich and truly functional quality of this program, it is worth paying special attention to the

  • support for extended keyboard that allows you to work more efficiently on video editing and sound;
  • ability of multi- chamber editing;
  • support of external input/output interfaces;
  • significant set of real-time effects;
  • possibility of quality rendering.


Popular Movie Maker

Movie Maker is arguably the most popular video editor for contemporary owners of computers managed by OS Windows. It is very simple, contains enough functionality to perform simple manipulations on an amateur level.  It can be useful even on an equipment with very limited resources. It allows you to do the following simply and effectively enough:

  • configuring of tracks;
  • exporting of a finished video to popular video formats;
  • transitions, etc.

Top 3 paid video editors


Among the variety of paid video editors, ScreenFlow stands out against the background of their total mass. Despite the fact that the editor is developed only under the iOS and may work only on computers that belong to the family of Mac, the program is very relevant, because:

  • there is no limited functionality;
  • with its help, youtubers create really cool videos on the territory of the United States;
  • it has a simple, clear, pleasant, carefully thought-out design.


In addition, you can create simple electronic textbooks. Mastering this video editor passes very quickly and spontaneously.

The price of its copy is $99. First 30 days are free.



The video editor Camtasia is developed for:

  • Windows;
  • iOS

The price of licensed use of its copy is $199. The interface is quite easy and intuitive. Functional features allow users to create professional videos. You can use it to record any portion of the screen, add shapes and arrows, embed videos, work with tracks, add sound effects and video effects, and more. In addition, you can use much video and graphic material available for free download over the Internet.


Adobe Premier Pro

There are versions of this video editor developed under operating systems Windows and iOS, Cloud. The possibility of integration with After Effects and Photoshop is realised. You should also pay attention to:

  • rich functionality made of the highest quality;
  • high- quality video masking functionality;
  • high- quality transitions, etc.

The price varies, ranging from $20 depending on a tariff plan. .

If your professional activities are related to the creation of cinema reports or movies, it is likely no free version video editor, which allows realizing the task at the appropriate level. However, to create an unprofessional clips and movies, quite high quality and functional products can be used, and you will pay not a single cent for them. They also would be very useful to novice operators and clip makers.

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